DNS Records A points to wrong IP address

I bought my domain from Namecheap and successfully updated my Nameservers to point to Cloudflare’s. In my Cloudflare’s DNS records, I have two entries. First is for A with chittychatty[.]me as Name and a Value of (my Digital Ocean’s droplet IP address) and a CNAME with www as Name and a Value of chittychatty[.]me.

I tried to ping the website, www[.]chittychatty[.]me, and is echoing,
PING www[.]chittychatty[.]me ( 56 data bytes

The IP address echoed from the PING is different from what I set in DNS records. What seems to be the problem with this and how can I fix this?

That’s correct behavior. Cloudflare is now protecting your site with a proxy server. Someone who attacks your domain will be blocked by the Cloudflare server in front of it. Visitors will get an enhanced service now when visiting your site thanks to that Cloudflare proxy server.

Is there something wrong with your site’s functionality?

I am getting server IP address could not be found error message. Now I am getting too much redirection error.

It looks like you’re changing DNS records at the moment, so it’s difficult to troubleshoot this.

Managed to fix the problem, and is totally unrelated to Cloudflare.

Thank you, @sdayman

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