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Hi, i am unhappy. Today i buy new domain via cloudflare, to this time domain not working and i now see that domain have not A, AAAA records… Problem is that i dont know how IP a can set to A records. I thought the A record would automatically create a cloudflare for the domain. I have no public IP address. So what should I set as the IP for the newly created domain? Cloudflare does not provide IP addresses or use any universal? I have only name servers.
Thanks so many.

You have a domain, you now need to point it at your web and mail hosting by entering the DNS records.

Cloudflare doesn’t offer traditional site hosting, but serverless applications such as Pages, D1, Workers, etc, nor any mailboxes. You will need to use a third party service for those.

Thanks, but I just didn’t want to use webhosting or other services. I created a domain so that I could access my home server with HA and proxmox through the tunnel. I thought cloudflare would create the records and I would just use the tunnel service…

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For your particular use case you would just need to configure a Tunnel application and then reference the tunnel in your DNS with a CNAME record to your tunnel. Once the tunnel and the Access policies are configured, you should be able to access your local service remotely without issue. For more information, I would suggest taking a look at the following documents:

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