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I’m trying to set up my website to be HTTPS. Having chosen the appropriate options with my host, it has given me the following message:

When purchasing an SSL certificate, we require you to verify that you have control of your domain for which you’re requesting the certificate. This is done using DNS verification by creating a specific TXT record.

If your domains nameservers are set to use Fasthosts, we will automatically create this record for you.

If your domain is not using Fasthosts nameservers, we have no control over your DNS and you’ll need to create the TXT record with your other provider. Once you have purchased your certificate, we will display the TXT record you need to add in your control panel for the domain.

I am, of course, using Cloudflare. So, can anyone please tell me what I should do in Cloudflare in order to create this record?

Thank you.

Your host should have some TXT record details on that page, you can enter those in the DNS tab of your domain.

Note that if you’re using Cloudflare with the proxy (if your website’s DNS is :orange: orange clouded) then getting a custom certificate at your host won’t show the custom certificate to your visitors. It will only allow the use of “Full” or “Full strict” ssl. If you want to keep the CF proxy, including cdn/ddos/etc, the dedicated certificate needs to be set up at CF.

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