DNS record wrong for cloudflare registrar domains

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I’ve just bought a domain via Cloudflare’s registrar. It was great. OK. But things got wroing when I tried to verify it with the host.
They required to verify my ownership of the domain by changing its record to their specific one.

However, after 48hrs of registration, my host service still could not recognize this domain automatically. The support guy told me that according to dns checking result. The public record of my domain points to two Cloudflare ns IPs but not the requested one (the host one)

I double-checked via dns checker. The guy was correct. Both of the IP say they are from clouldflare name servers. Not the one I put for DNS record in my panel of the registered domain. (The post says I could not put any link here and I cannot type what exactly I input.)

Though I managed to assign this domain to their host server by providing them my DNS record back-end information above with a screenshot. The website is up now(which proves I put the right thing in Cloudflare’s system). But the two strange IP are still there, in dnschecker and other dns serives. Therefore, the host service cannot verify my Cloudflare domains automatically.

I bought another domain here, and I do not want to go and explain it again to another random supporting-chat guy.

How could I find a Cloudflare tech to solve this? Please help and thank you all.Preformatted text

Change the record from proxied :orange: to DNS only :grey: in the DNS section of the control panel.



It works!

BTW, should I change it back to proxied after the verification?

Depends on if your hosting provider supports it or not. A question they should probably answer.

Thank you so much! I will check with them. :laughing:

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