DNS record - Set custom TTL with proxy ON

For one of our A record (sub-domain). Currently, we have disabled the proxy so we can edit TTL to 5 hours as per our need. Now, since to have custom TTL we need to turn off the proxy which is not viable option as , for SSL only we mainly use cloudflare services. Now, can anyone please guide us as we want to keep proxy ON and also TTL set to 5 hours. ? Thanks for support.

Do you mind elaborating on what the reason behind your need for custom TTL is?

And what would the reason for exactly 5 hours be?

I’m just trying to understand the reasoning behind your actual need, with those questions.

There’s a feature request for the option to change the TTL with Proxied (:orange:) records, that you may want to vote on:


Not possible. Why do you need a 5 hour TTL for your proxied records?

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We have APIs that transfers large dataset records in multiple batches and that is why we have short fall in timeout when TTL is set to default (5 mins). Our system works perfectly fine when TTL is increased to more than hour to any range. We don’t need necessarily 5 hours but anywhere near to it would be fine.
It would be great if the option to have custom TTL with Proxied records is provided in Cloudflare.


At the moment all I could suggest is running your own DNS server and hardcoding a response with a longer TTL. But really I’d look at the code for the APIs first that’s a pretty unique error condition.

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