DNS record requested by Microsoft

Enter your question hereI have been advised by Microsoft that a DNS record needs to be placed on our domain (jeromehowe.com) I contacted our hosting provider Network Solutions and they have directed me to Cloudflare. Can you assist?

You can control your DNS records on Cloudflare:

Once Microsoft have confirmed what records need to be created, assuming your domain is using Cloudflare in Full Setup (e.g. using our nameservers at your domain Registrar), you just need to configure them as per the guide above.

Note also if they’re mail related records, there’s also a specific guide on this here:


Thanks Simon. Problem for me is that I don’t understand any of this much less know how to place a DNS TXT record on the domain.
Microsoft instructions are: "Place a DNS TXT record on your domain. The TXT must include the following code to be considered valid, today’s date in the format: <02.08.2023>

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The guide to creating a record is here:

The only thing missing seems to be the record name. I assume it will be @, but you should confirm. They have already confirmed the type is TXT and the value should be <02.08.2023> (although I assume they may want <10.08.2023> as it’s now 10th August).

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Is there anyone that can walk me through this step by step? I terminology and instructions are Greek to me and I don’t want to screw it up.


This Community Tutorial has exactly what what you are asking for.


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