DNS Record repointing

I have a domain through namecheap who is telling me that my domain got pointed to cloudflare. Iv made a cloudflare account and im not able to see anything about my domain in there. How am I soppose to add a txt record when its pointed to you like this?

Did you point the name to Cloudflare?

Can you share the domain name?

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Can you guys help me with this?

Did you add the domain to Cloudflare?

Can you share the domain name?

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the domain name is landco66 dot com. I would like to add a txt record to this domain OR potentially transfer all the records but I am not able to sign into any thing on your page to modify this. Can you please tell me the best way?

The site is on Cloudflare, is proxying and has TXT records so you, or someone, has set something up. You add records here…

If you can’t log in, go here:

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When I go into that link, I dont see anything listed under domains. Can you please tell me if im in the correct place? Theres nothing listed in there

If your domain was in Cloudflare before you created a Cloudflare account, it is in someone else’s Cloudflare account and will not appear in yours. If you have worked with a developed or consultant who may have placed your domain in Cloudflare, you should talk to them before you consider moving the domain to your current Cloudflare account.

Could you please tell me where to go on that site right after logging in? Should it be listed in the area I took the screenshot of? I think I may understand how this happened. I was renewing the domain on namecheaps page and may have selected the option for cloudflare. Would that have done it? In that case, there wouldnt be anyone that has access. How do I add a txt record to my domain? How do I get to add records to it?

are you still there?

As @epic.network has said, if the domain isn’t in that Cloudflare account it must be in another one.

Logout of the dashboard, then go here and enter your domain name. An email will go to whoever set up the account. If that was you, then you’ll know.


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I did not get the email, How do I narrow this down from here?

That screen is for purchasing domains and managing domain registration. That is not where you would want to look when you use Namecheap as your registrar.

You would need to find Sites to mange DNS and other settings.

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Can you tell me more precisely where to look on that site to manage it? Preferably with a screenshot. To be honest I want the whole thing managed by and within namecheap, I never asked for this to happen. What is the best way to get it all back to namecheap without breaking the current site the domain is connected to?

It sounds like you already narrowed it down. The domain is not in your Cloudflare account. If you want it to be, you will need to move it using directions I provided earlier. Understand that if you have a site that is currently working, you can cause a disruption when you move it.

I gave you the link before. Click here…


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Is there a way to talk to you guys on the phone about this?

@sjr the domain is not in the link you provided

I would really like it to be moved back to namecheap but if that will cause the site to go down, that is not an option right now. The next best thing is getting it into cloudflare but I did not receive the email so I guess it is not connected to my email. How do I go about adding a txt record with these conditions?

That’s because the domain is someone else’s Cloudflare account. You would have had to change the nameservers for them or given them access to your Namecheap account so they could change it. This means that only you can identify that party.