DNS record publish so slow


In order to get Google recognise my ownership of my domain, I added a TXT record with google-site-verification code. However I have waited for more than 4 hours and google still can’t do the validation.
How long does Cloudflare usually take to publish a DNS record?

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The longest time i have seen Was around 5 Minutes but normally a lot faster for New Records. You Sure there is no other Error in your Record?

Yeah maybe some missing configuration as I am very noob in networking.
So I created a TXT record with @ as name and google-site-verification=codeProvidedByGoogle as content.

I am thinking of the following thing:
When google sites verify my domain, they seem to try to check for www.myDomain.fyi. Do I need to add a record to link www to the root of my domain? Something like a CNAME record?

Normally Google Just checks if you own the root Domain because you then own every subdomain too. Mind sharing your Domain?


This is what google tries to verify:

Ok it works now. I just really needed to wait 4+ hours. Thanks @oneandonlyjason !

Good to know that it works now, probably just google beeing slow ^^

Mark this Thread as resolved then please

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