Dns record proxy off

Hi , i linke a domain to cloudflare , and add a subdomain with A record to dns and link to my server behind the domain , when i turn on proxy it have ping but i use for vpn so i must turn off proxy but when i turned it off there haven’t any ping , 2 time this problem occur and fixed in 2-3 hours but for now it haven’t fixed in two days , anyone can help me ?

I’m not quite sure what you are saying, but if you have a webserver and VPN on the same IP address and server, you can set a proxied records for the webserver (say on @ and www) and a dedicated vpn subdomain for the VPN that you can leave as “DNS only”.

I’d suggest you lock down your server so only Cloudflare IP addresses can reach ports 80 and 443 and restrict access to your VPN as much as you can since your IP address won’t be hidden by the proxy.

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