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New domain/website owner here (just testing some stuff)

I bought a domain name at namecheap and added the auth dns (name servers) from my Cloudflare dashboard. (domain is active) My dns records look like this:

A example DOT com xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx proxied auto
CNAME www example DOT com proxies auto

(xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the public ip address of my server)

I am having trouble pinging my domain, error: “No address associated with hostname”.

Some questions:
-How long does it take before a change in the dns-record becomes active? (i’ve been changing it al lot)
-I am using pihole in my network. Could pihole be interfering?

Thnx for your time, sorry for being a noob (for the moment anyway) :slight_smile:

Greetz: Patrick

It could be. You may have locally cached a negative response. Have you tried asking another DNS resolver? I like to check with Cloudflare’s

dig @ example.com

Thnx epic,

It seems i forgot to set ssl/tls to “full/strict”. Everything works now.

greetz: Patrick

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