DNS record not working after import

Our mail provider asks for multiple A records for the MX entry, we set them as “DNS Only” but the mx.domain.ext are not working (as they were not set).
We set them importing a txt file more than 24h ago and they are all correctly listed in the dashboard, I don’t think it is a propagation problem but more a dashboard issue, is there a procedure to force the “refresh” of the registry after that? What may cause this problem?
Thanks in advance.

What are the records you have set? Can you show a screenshot of the dashboard?

The records are for the italian provider Aruba:

You can see that there is a MX record set to mx.domain.ext and multiple A records for mx.domain.ext

What is the domain?

Just to clarify, the MX record is working but A for mx.domain.ext don’t work.

I got the domain.

What are the hostnames, are they just your domain you’ve hidden? (mx.example.com, imap.example.com, etc?)

If you want to resolve mx.example.com, you should just enter mx when creating the records, imap.example.com enter imap and so on.

Thank you for you response but we figured this out half an hour ago after adding manually a new record.
Apparently the txt file import procedure sets the full domain in the A record and that cause the issue, on a quick glance in the panel isn’t an obvious error especially because many provider show the full domain in the record list.

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