DNS record not updating. Records emty. Namecheap domain

I tried adding my domain and register a website form namecheap domain. First time it works because i wanna use my local server website. It works it populate the DNS records nice and auto. But local thing didnt work so i ditch and use my domain and added it again but this time it didnt populate DNS records. Name servers are correct too.

Sorry for bad english not native here.


My domain is: inuitprime dot com

You currently have no DNS entries.

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It did the scanning to dns records but didnt find anything.

  • Pause Cloudflare - Pause Cloudflare · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs
  • Contact your host to clarify which DNS entries you need
  • Configure them on Cloudflare
  • Verify that your site loads fine on HTTPS
  • If it doesn’t, contact your host again
  • If it does, you can unpause Cloudflare
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Thank you Sandro, i will do that and come back if something is out of my hand

Okay namecheap cant do anything.
“Please reach your hosting provider to check for the records to be added to point the domain toward them. Please check it on your side and let us know if we can further assist.”

So its from cloudflare or me thats fuk up somehere.

Cloudflare is not your host, as mentioned you need to clarify this with your host.

Not using anything to host anything. Just want to add my domain and point it to cloudflare for extra protection

What “protection” do you want if you don’t host anything? Your domain always needs to point to a host, otherwise you cannot have DNS entries in the first place.

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