DNS Record not saving CNAME changes

How do I make cloudflare save the changes I make to DNS records. It two CNAME records. I am trying to verify domain for Constant Contact. I use Constant Contact’s information and entering it into my cloudflare records and cloudflare reverts the change to something I did not enter.

May I ask do you get some error shown at the Cloudflare dashboard while doing this change? :thinking:

May I ask if you’re trying to make two CNAME records pointed to the same content/value? :thinking:

Have you tried using a different Web browser or incognito (private window)?

Are you trying to save the CNAME record as a proxied :orange: or :grey: (DNS only)? :thinking:

Did you clicked on the blue button “Save” or?

Either use non-www and then use www to redirect, or vice-versa.
Otherwise, use CNAME non-www and A pointed to the IP.
However, best practice is to decide either to have www or non-www, therefrom we configure to redirect one to the other.
If it’s not a case for non-www and www example, we can still use CNAME for other sub-domains.


This is the key, @enewman. When you save a CNAME as :orange: proxied it is published as A and AAAA records use by the Cloudflare proxy. You need to publish them as :grey: DNS Only for the CNAMEs to be published as the same. Verification records tend to always need to be published as :grey: DNS Only.

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Hi fritex! No error message is shown. Trying to save as proxied and the blue “save” button is clicked. I can go back and review the record. That is how I discovered that it did not save what I entered. Many thanks!

Are you entering subdomain.example.com and seeing just subdomain in the dashboard? If so, that’s normal and is correct. The domain is not shown (and does not need to be entered) when adding DNS records, and if you do, Cloudflare now removes it so you don’t accidentally create subdomain.example.com.example.com. Look at the bold text as you type it…

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No Subdomains are in use and I do not want to use a subdomain. Here is what I need to enter:

> > > Record type: CNAME
> > > Record Name: ctct1._[domainkey.ncboeslpa.org](http://domainkey.ncboeslpa.org/)
> > > Value: 100._[domainkey.dkim1.ccsend.com](http://domainkey.dkim1.ccsend.com/)
> > >
> > > Record type: CNAME
> > > Record Name: ctct2._[domainkey.ncboeslpa.org](http://domainkey.ncboeslpa.org/)
> > > Value: 200._[domainkey.dkim2.ccsend.com](http://domainkey.dkim2.ccsend.com/)

Here is what it is reverting to:

> Record Name: ctct1._domainkey
> Value: 100._[domainkey.dkim1.ccsend.com](http://domainkey.dkim1.ccsend.com/)
> Record Name: ctct2._domainkey
> Value: 200._[domainkey.dkim2.ccsend.com](http://domainkey.dkim2.ccsend.com/)

That’s correct. ctct1._domainkey is a subdomain of ncboeslpa.org so it is exactly as I said. You don’t need to enter the domain name part, and if you do, Cloudflare removes it.

At the moment I can’t see the records so I assume you have deleted them. Just enter them again, if it does what you show it will be correct.


Ok, I did not realize ctct1._domainkey was a subdomain. Thank you for clarifying! I’ll try this.

Thank you! I have made this change as well!

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Records are now there…

Thank you for confirming!

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