Dns record new ip not updating

Hey and thank you for the help,
i have updated the ip address of my dns record almost 8 hours ago and it seems that the dns is still pointing to the old ip address.
Is it normal to wait so long?
is there anything i can do to check if the new ip address is propagating?
anything to speed the process?

Thanks in advance!

What’s the hostname?


i am attempting to redirect it to this ip:

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

The IP addresses that DNS reports are Cloudflare’s public IP addresses for your website. They will not change when you change the underlying IP address of your origin server. Cloudflare will just direct traffic to your new IP address.

Is something on your site not working?

I am trying to change my host server, i have created a copy site and changed the A records to point to the new server (new copy) but it seems that the change does not effect the dns direction.
sites seems to be working.

Anything i did was wrong?

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