DNS record located in Cloudflare's system but i don't have access

It appears that a domain i manage has a preexisting DNS record located in Cloudflare’s system which is preventing our Cloudflare integration from being able to complete successfully. This is normally caused by the domain, at one point, having been connected to a third party provider who may have also offered Cloudflare or perhaps an older account that has gone dormant.

Does anyone know how to remove the DNS record(s) from the associated domain that i do not have access to do so, I confirm that I have access to DNS for the domain and can add a TXT record to prove domain ownership, is this something thats possible? if so how do i contact Cloudflare to do so?

Thanks in advance

What preexisting record for which integration?

it’s a dns record for website: www.rwts.co.nz

dig ns @ns.cloudflare[.]com rwts[.]co.nz +shortaragorn.ns[.]cloudflare.com.diva.ns[.]cloudflare.com.

www.rwts.co.nz is managed by Bluehost and points to Bluehost is the authoritative nameserver for the domain.

What integration is failing to complete successfully? Why do you believe the answers of non-authoritative nameservers are the root cause for the failure?

This is what the new hosting provider is saying? new host Kinsta is trying to integrate Cloudflare "Definitely the domain was added to Cloudflare DNS zone and was not removed from there and it is now causing conflict with our system. Also, there is an option to contact Cloudflare directly to remove your domain from them. " supposedly its the integration with their Cloudflare! we getting this error on loading website sometimes “Error 1016

only seem to get the error when entering the www prefix

Oh… your IP address resolves to a host who is using Cloudflare…

Shmaybe follow this?

Shmaybe ask Kinsta if they have anyone who works there if they understand how their product works? Why should you have to contact Cloudflare and do work when Kinsta is trying to sell you a service and hopefully is paying Cloudflare a big pile of money t make it better?

If https://liberate-the-hostname.pages.dev/ is still required Kinsta should ask for a discount on renewals. If they can fix your problem without that link… well you should ask on a discount for services going forward.

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