DNS Record Limit 2021

I found a few topics that mention a limit of 1,000 DNS records for free, 3,500 for paid from 2019, but they reference that information from the FAQ which does not appear to be there. Have these limits been removed?

@cs-cf could know the information about the DNS limits. Kindly and patiently wait for an reply.

Otherwise, maybe this article could help?:

The number of DNS records per zone imported to Cloudflare is limited and limit increases are only considered for Enterprise customers:

  • 200 records for Free customers, and
  • 3500 records for Pro, Business, and Enterprise customers

I believe @michael has experimented with these limits recently.

You are referring to this:

Essentially, the article that @mk12 is looking at refers to the limit on a single Bind file import, which is 200 for free plans. But you can do multiple imports if needed, just split the Bind file into chunks.

The total limit on records in a zone is 3,500 on paid plans, 1,000 on the free plan.


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