DNS Record Issue


I am currently unable to login to my WP sites. My host says I have DNS record issues but I can’t see any issues. Any ideas?

I’m getting a lot of redirects when I try to go to my /wp-login.php. I don’t see any https items turned on.



What’s the domain? And what is your SSL setting on the Cloudflare Crypto page? It’s either Off/Flexible/Full


SSL is set to flexible and hasn’t been changed in 4 years.

I also have this affecting


I changed the SSL to off and it made no difference.



wp-login is redirecting to itself, and it doesn’t look to be an SSL issue.

The redirect may be coming from:

  1. A Cloudflare Page Rule (not likely)
  2. A mod_rewrite rule in .htaccess in WordPress
  3. A Plugin (what plugins do you have installed?) A plugin scan doesn’t turn up anything that looks suspicious to me.


  1. On Cloudflare DNS, change your DNS entries to :grey:
  2. FTP to your server and remove your plugins from the wp-content folder. (Make sure you have copies of these folders in a backup, or just download them…so you can put them back). MAKE SURE YOUR SITE IS BACKED UP FIRST

So, I already deactivated all my plugins, checked my theme, cleared my cookies and cache and nothing helped.

I also already had my DNS entries to gray.

It’s also happening on a site not using cloudflare.

Any other ideas?


It could be something in the .htaccess file. If you can FTP to the server, rename .htaccess to something like .htaccess.old and see if that does it.

Other than that, it’s clearly an issue at your server. Maybe your host would (should!) be willing to help on that non-Cloudflare site.

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