Dns Record Help

We are use cloudflare Free plan,
We opened the our local server’s service to access web. But I need to extra security. Because Users access wanipadress.service. I think this is unsafe.
Can we forward xx.domain.com adress to our local server adress. If it is possible please help me. I didn’t do

This sounds like two separate questions.

You can add a subdomain with an internal IP address. But Cloudlare can’t proxy it. Nor should they have to, as it’s internal.

You can also have Cloudflare proxy access to your WAN address as a subdomain. But if you want it to be the same subdomain, you would need to configure your internal DNS to resolve it with the internal IP address. When I want to do this, I use a local Hosts files (/etc/hosts) on my Mac with the private IP address.

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