DNS Record For Page Rule Redirect Not Showing

I have a Page Rule set up on my domain which forwards RyderCragie.com to www.RyderCragie.com. I first assumed that Cloudflare would add it’s own DNS record to get this working, but after some research apparently it doesn’t, which I find very silly.

There is currently no record in my DNS for this, however it does indeed redirect. I am not too sure if the wildcard record covers the root domain, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. The reason I think that it doesn’t is that with it currently being proxied, my root domain and any other subdomain points to Cloudflare’s servers.

However, if I disable the proxy, it only begins pointing to the direct IP for the subdomains - not for my root domain (that still points to Cloudflare), so I don’t know what is controlling this.

Can someone explain what’s going on please?

Sure there is. It’s in step one in this Community #tutorial as well as many other places in both official documentation and Community #tutorial guides.

Fair enough. Post edited.

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