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Recently i have changed dns server to CR!Now i can not receive email from my smtp provider,alredy contacted them an my record are verifycated,i think is maybe some anti spam block from name servers,i have dthis in the past!is somebody here to check this how i contact support team,there is no thicket support here?

Make sure any email related subdomains (such as mail, smtp, imap, pop3, etc) are set to “DNS only” and not proxied.

Otherwise, what is the domain name?

thanks to the answeare.unchilipir,ro i have smtp records set to dns only

Check what hostname your mail client is connecting to. If it is unchilipir.ro or other proxied hostname, change it to mail.unchilipir.ro (assuming that’s where your mail server is).

Your MX record is pointing to a proxied record (although Cloudflare has worked round this for you) so check your mail client isn’t pointing to the same hostname.


Hi there,

Currently, your nameservers are not resolving to Cloudflare. If this is intended, then your issue is not at Cloudflare.

If you changed back to your previous provider due to the error you’re getting, but intend to come back to Cloudflare, my advice is that you should make sure you’re not using the same host as the apex for the smtp host, so you can set is as DNS only.

So for instance, in order to keep domain.com proxied, instead of using domain.com as your smpt, create and use smtp.domain.com or mail.domain.com pointing to the correct origin and leave it gray clouded.

Take care.

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thanks for advice,but now i am faceing same problem after setup nameservers back to my host provider!i don t understand those thinks about smtp!but it look like a conflict within the email address registrated to smtp provider and my admin email from my website!because email are send to other email address insted this 2 address!

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