DNS record data is apparently automatically adjusted by Cloudflare but I am not sure. The website works but not sure if I need to update any detail


Our new website has the nameserver part updated to those of Cloudflare.

However I have not touched any other DNS info in Cloudflare in order to reflect those of our hosting company. That said, I see in the control panel that our website is apparently using correct DNS details. I don’t see any error message or warning. Does that mean that Cloudflare has pulled the right details from the hosting company and that I don’t need to update anything further in my Cloudflare controlpanel?

All seems to work find but I have not changed anything except for nameservers to reflect those of Cloudflare.

Thanks for your help!

When you first add your website, Cloudflare queries common names and creates corresponding records based on the answers received. This may cover all the records you need, but there is no guarantee. They only way to know if you have all of the DNS you need is to verify them yourself.

Great, thanks. Yes I checked the DNS records on the host’s control panel and they are the ones Cloudflare has. Thanks!

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