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My online programs are created in system io. I had to create 4 DNS records to authentificate the domains and make sure emails are well delivered according to system io criteria. THe dmarc records is working and propagating. But the 3 CNAME records are not even if I checked the data multiple times.

Make sure the relevant records are set to “DNS only” in the Cloudflare DNS if the hosting provider needs to validate them.

“DNS only” records will not apply any Cloudflare settings or benefit from Cloudflare’s protections. After verification you may be able to set your records back to “Proxied”, but you can only confirm that by testing. It may be records need to be “DNS only” to allow the host to generate or renew SSL certificates for your origin server, so if in the future you get a 526 error from Cloudflare, that will be the reason.

In case of any problems, set the records back to “DNS only”.

I put on DNS Only, but still not working :frowning:

It may take a little time for them to re-check and see any changes.

Otherwise, can you give your domain, a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS and details of the records you are being asked to create.

_domainkey.unemamandeuxmaisons.fr is delegated. Delete any NS records in your Cloudflare DNS for _domainkey.

unemamandeuxmaisons.fr.	3600	IN	NS	laila.ns.cloudflare.com.
unemamandeuxmaisons.fr.	3600	IN	NS	braden.ns.cloudflare.com.
;; Received 120 bytes from in 31 ms

_domainkey.unemamandeuxmaisons.fr. 300 IN NS	ns41.infomaniak.com.
_domainkey.unemamandeuxmaisons.fr. 300 IN NS	ns42.infomaniak.com.
;; Received 114 bytes from 2606:4700:58::a29f:2ca9#53(braden.ns.cloudflare.com) in 38 ms

Thank you but I do not understand what does it mean

Look in your Cloudflare DNS for any records for _domainkey that are of type NS. Delete them.

If in doubt, show a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS.


I deleted the NS type for _domainkey but it still seems to not work.

All now resolve ok…

dig +short 20220301._domainkey.unemamandeuxmaisons.fr txt

dig +short systemeio1._domainkey.unemamandeuxmaisons.fr txt

dig +short systemeio2._domainkey.unemamandeuxmaisons.fr txt

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