DNS Record "Auto-correction"

Hi there, we’ve been requested to add a new CNAME record exactly as it appears in an email.

Unfortunately when we enter a name and value, it gets changed by Cloudflare and then we’re informed by our collaborator that we’ve entered it incorrectly.

In the name field, “test.xxxxx.ie” gets truncated to “test”, and any fullstops at the end of Domain name are removed.

Is there a way to edit our settings in Cloudflare so it leaves the values alone?

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This is a normal behavior I guess. I assume that xxxxx.ie is your own domain. If you add the full value now, xxxxx.ie will be removed

What are you trying to do exactly with that CNAME?
Can you post the mail with the requierements? Redact all Domains If ou like.

xxxxx for your own
yyyyy for the target domain. Something like that.

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You don’t have to worry about the missing domain name and the full stop. It’s simply Cloudflare’s Dashboard UI that simplifies it by removing the repetition. Even if it’s not shown it’s there and it will work.

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Thanks Matteo. I’m going to get them to resupply the values as they may have expired, and try again. I’ve already tried informing them that Cloudflare’s auto-correction shouldn’t have any impact on the result. Fingers crossed the new set of value will work!

They shouldn’t really realize that this happens, since it’s only in the UI and not in the actual results because they are compliant to the DNS spec.

Update: this is now resolved, we entered the values as specified by the 3rd party and let Cloudflare do its auto-correction and the website is now working. Sometimes it takes a while for DNS changes to propagate, and we had left it for over a day.

We found another post reply: “Cloudflare implicitly adds a trailing period to target records, and your domain to the record label on the backend (and as a result the UI removes them).”

Thanks for the replies!

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