DNS re-route in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia?

May I know why Kuala Lumpur Malaysia always show DNS re-route ?? @@" may I know will it affected connection response performance and internet security connection issues ?

Thank for anyone can helps me to checking with official technical support or give me some informations TQ :slight_smile:

Does it really always? Or just now?

Possibly, it depends on where you are routed to, but it will be a maximum of a couple of milliseconds, so realistically not noticeable, particularly not in a DNS context.

Not at all.

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I already checking with cloudflare status website 3/4weeks ago =~= but always showing Kuala Lumpur Malaysia DNS re-route @@" but at the same country Johor Bahru Malaysia is no issues and write operation …

That why I come here asking for official fixing it or anyone can checking or give me some information :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping me :slight_smile: thank you about the information :slight_smile:

There’ll be some issues with the location in that case. I am afraid the community can’t do much here and you can only wait until it is fully functional again. I’d assume Cloudflare will be working on re-enabling again but I guess they won’t commit to any timeframe.

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