DNS randomly ceases to work and has to be "reset"?

I don’t know if my problem is with SSL or DNS. I’ve spent about 20 hours trying to get heroku and Cloudflare dns to play well with each other and things are still not functioning.

At present, my domain’s dns/ssl is “working”…but it was working two hours ago, too, until I noticed one hour ago that it had again stopped. Any attempt to reach my site resulted in “site cannot be reached” with “connection was reset” as a sub-error. I went to my CF DNS management panel and turned the little orange clouds off and on again for my CNAME records and lo and behold, it’s started working again. I cannot imagine why that would make any difference and I can’t be certain that it isn’t just random. I expect in about an hour it will fail again.

I didn’t think I was especially ignorant about DNS/SSL configuration, but this experience has helped me to realize I was mistaken. I cannot begin to fathom why my DNS would fail periodically after reaching a working configuration state.

Can anyone advise? I have read maybe 40 blog posts from a variety of sources (including Cloudflare itself) and am out of ideas completely. My only remaining idea is to try a different DNS provider to see if the problem is heroku.

Forgotten detail: as I have described things above, it seems to be clearly a DNS issue rather than SSL. The reason I say I’m unsure is because the DNS was consistently fine until I added SSL certs and altered the DNS to point to a herokussl.com subdomain, at which point these issues started.

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