DNS question with GoDaddy

Hi All,
my current registrar and DNS is @Godaddy.
I am looking at using pages to host my 3 page website.
Currently Godaddy give me a one page website that does not really work for my needs, but they do give me alias emails that I can use to send all my emails to my main email. Example ([email protected], [email protected] point to [email protected])

I know if I change to Cloudflare nameservers I will lose of this.
is there a way I can:
create an A record at GoDaddy to point to Cloud Flair ip that will render my Cloudflare pages?

Thank you in advance for all the help.

This will take you right to the guide on how to use your Cloudflare Pages site with a custom subdomain.

My site is not a sub-domain. it will be my site.
Would it be the same?


CNAME| www.example.com| <My_sitename>.pages.dev|

www would be a subdomain, and that will work just fine for your main site.



on my GoDaddy console it is looking for an ip address?

what can I do?

You can follow Epic’s linked instructions and use a CNAME record. That “A” Type record is a dropdown menu (the down arrow), which will let you enter a CNAME instead.

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I still need help
any one can type in www.example.com and the site renders, but if they type example.com it does not render. Spoke with GoDaddy they they are asking for an Arecord or IP address in order to point the domain to the website properly
On Godaddy I have the following:

CNAME www Example-website.pages.dev. 1 Hour
is there an A record that can be with ip

You cannot use the apex name with Cloudflare pages when your DNS is not at Cloudflare. You will need to create an A record at another webserver that has a redirect to www configured. Someone recently posted about using Redirect Pizza to accomplish that redirect, although you can use any webserver that will let you obtain a certificate and create the redirect. If you want to create the redirect at Cloudflare, you will need to move your DNS to Cloudflare.

@epic.network the problem is gives me alias emails that I can use to send all my emails to my main email. Example ([email protected], [email protected] point to [email protected])
if I move to a different DNS I would loss all of this

You don’t have to change your DNS provider. Without moving your DNS, you can make an A record that points to a host where you have set up a forward from example.comwww.example.com

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