DNS question: * wildcard for A record

Hi, when I moved to Cloudflare I had a wildcard A-record that points to my server IP.

It looks like this:

The tooltip sais: “This record exposes the IP behind domain.tld which you have proxied through Cloudflare”

I don’t know why I have this wildcard record in my settings. I think my domain registrar adds it by default. Is there any good reason to keep it or can/should I delete it?

Thank you!

That’s a wildcard record which will resolve any non-configured address to that address. It probably got imported when you added your domain. If you don’t know what it is you can most likely remove it, just be aware that non-configured addresses will certainly not work any more and you will need to configure each desired address additionally.

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Hi Sandro, thanks for your comment. I removed the entry and seems to have now impact. Great

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