DNS Question. MX and SPF records not showing

DNS Question. MX and SPF records not showing

I am trying to optimize my email addresses with this domain kyushojitsuworld.com however using MxToolbox the MX and SPF records are not showing. They do show however with with mailgun and aweber.

I am not using the proxy service. are there known issues with MXToolbox and cloudflare? Is there a rule needs to be added?

Thank you for your help!

Art {redacted}

These are probably the values you need to configure.

Right now there is nothing configured on Cloudflare

Not a propagation issues nor a setting issue. My delivery of email is also good as the settings are correct. I am just wondering if there is an issue with cloudfare and MXToolbox. If I move the DNS records away from Cloudfare then MXtoolbox sees them fine.

Perhaps the that will e the solution.

Thanks for the feedback.

Can you post a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS records where you have that MX record?

I moved it back to my provider. No issues there.

Thanks for the replies!

All right, not sure what you mean, because it’s still pointing to Cloudflare and - as it is registered with Cloudflare - you can’t change the nameservers, but I am glad if you sorted it out.

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