DNS question - launch of a new website

We have a site that is currently using Cloudflare DNS service. However our client is in the process of launching a new site that will be hosted elsewhere. My understanding is that when they do this, because they are in control of the domain name they just need to update the NameServer to point to the new website (IP Address) and that’s it - nothing needs to be done with the DNS on Cloudflare and once they redirect the domain name to the new web host we can remove that site from here. Can anyone confirm if that is correct or is there something we would need to do with our Cloudflare account in preparation for their new website launch? Thanks

It sounds like this current site is using Cloudflare. And the new site will still use Cloudflare…in the same Cloudflare account? Or a new one?

If it’s the same current Cloudflare account, you just need to change the IP addresses in your Cloudflare DNS section.

If it’s not the same current Cloudflare account, they will need to set up a new Cloudflare account with new name servers. You/they don’t need a new Cloudflare account if you’re happy with the current Cloudflare setup.

The current site is using Cloudflare. Regarding the new site I don’t know if they actually plan to use Cloudflare or if they just plan to handle the DNS where the new site will be hosted if they offer that as a service. Is there a specific reason they would need to keep using Cloudflare? If they plan to host elsewhere and not use Cloudflare is there anything that would need to be done as part of the transition for the new website?

All they need to do is point their domain to the correct name servers for the service they want to use: Either Cloudflare, or their new host. But this has to be done at the registrar.

Terrific, thank you for confirming as that is what I thought needed to be done.

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