DNS Question - Domain name Redirects to CNAME

I inherited a few different DNS configurations and have a question, which basically just amount to a basic DNS question:

We have a domain setup in Cloudflare: example.com

When you type https://example.com in the browser, it redirects to CNAME record: test.example.com

The CNAME record shows test pointing to test.trafficmanager.com (Azure traffic manager)

How does is this working? I am not a DNS guy, so I apologize for the basic questions (and probably obvious)

Even though CNAME chains are allowed in RFC 1034, you shouldn’t do that. Those chains aren’t considered to be a good practice as they impose an overhead on the infrastructure for example. Not really an issue here, but when you your own DNS infrastructure.

How it works

The visitor uses domain.com which is CNAMEd to foo.domain.com which is CNAMEd to bar.anotherdomain.com.

The client will have resolve each domain.
First domain.com which tells to go to foo. Foo tells the client to search at bar. which probably points to an IP or another CNAME. And so on.

It takes 4 attempts to resolve the target.
Currently I can’t imagine any usecase for such CNAME chains. There are probably some but … :thinking:


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