DNS question by Donna

Hi I’m Donna I am new to this. I have a question about DNS as you can see. This is what I’ve been told in relationship to Go Daddy.I have signed for 365 email ms email in godaddy That 1- gives Code that is to give to Cloudflare which confirms code to godaddy - Then 2- Go Daddy gives me another code that I give to Cloudflare 3- they confirm again to go daddy and 3- then after that I have to go back to Go Daddy to confirm it’s all connected. 4- Confirm by cloud flare for godaddy for activation. Where do I take the DNS code from Go Daddy into Cloudflare to make my emails work.

I presume they are asking you to add a DNS record, do they say TXT or MX or what type of record do they specify?

Also, you may want to have a look at this - I would imagine this is what they want you to add.

Not exaclty sure what GoDaddy’s authentication process is but Office 365 for Business would require you to add their O365 DNS records to Cloudflare see below. If you’re just starting O365, I’d recommend getting it directly from Microsoft instead.


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