DNS Query for selfhosted domain

I’m after some guidance on setting up the A record DNS for my domain name. I’ve purchased my domain name and I’ve got a homelab that I’m running a webserver on.
How do I setup my DNS via Cloudflare to point to my webserver? I don’t have a static ip, my internet is semi static and it changes every few months if that. Currently i’ve got my A record set to my public ip and obviously when i browse to my domainname Cloudflare gives an host error obviously.
Do i need to port forward from my ubuntu server to my public ip and then my website would be accessible?

As far as updating the address is concerned you can check out PHP IP Update Script

Thanks I will definitely look into that, very appreciated.
Priority for me at the moment is getting the site up and running via my home webserver and getting the DNS sorted for that.

Hi, any other thoughts on this. If I try to browse to my domain natharas.com I get error 522 host error.

Bit of an update, got the script working. Now when I browse to domain I still get the same error, guessing because I’ve got nothing on my webserver as yet.
I’m now sorting my firewall so I can get my SSL certs.

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