DNS queries



I have a new free account and am looking to transfer quite a few domains in for DNS handling. But i have a coupple of caveats before doing so:

Is there a limit on the amount of domains under one account?
Is there a limit on the amount DNS lookups performed against an account?
Besides any of the features that explicitly state upgrading, is there any other caps or things that would stop the domains working?

Thanks in advance.


Not an official one that I’m aware of, but that could change. How many are you talking about?

Also nothing formal that I’m aware of.

Ultimately there isn’t an official answer I can give for this without having a better idea of what exactly you are trying to do or are worried would be a problem. Otherwise it’s pretty much a “don’t abuse the service” situation.


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for replying.

Probably about 9 domains in addition to the 2 we already added.

Ok then sounds like no strict limits as long as nothing over the top


I’m pretty sure we have customers on every plan level that FAR exceed that number :slight_smile: