DNS Queries to Load Balanced Hostnames (First 500K are included)

I had to add an account on the Cloudflare platform because I switched the main domain of the site, creating a new one with the exact same settings. However, the new invoice shows Basic Load Balancing $5 and a extra charge for “DNS Queries to Load Balanced Hostnames (First 500K are included)” with an additional fee for an extra million queries (it’s an extra 50 cents for every 500,000 queries). This is happening even though the previous account had 100 times more traffic than I currently have on this new one, and I never had to pay for this before. This will significantly increase the monthly cost. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening? Did I possibly misconfigure something on this new account? Can anyone confirm if this service started being charged by Cloudflare recently and was not charged before? Note:
I have 20 of 20 Load Balancers, 3 of 20 Pools included and 3 of 3 Origins.