DNS Queries Load Balacing Issue

Hi. I will try to summarize the entire problem.

I had a website configured on Cloudflare (example: olddomain .com) and had to transfer the content of that site to another, so I had to add and configure a new domain/site (example: newdomain .com) on Cloudflare dashboard and tried to copy the entire configuration exactly as it was on Cloudflare from the old olddomain .com to the new newdomain .com

The first two years of olddomain .com with millions of visits per month, configured with the PRO service Basic Load Balancing, in 3 origins locations, 3 pools and 20 Load Balancers configured with domains/subdomains (maximum allowed). Everything always worked very well and responded appropriately worldwide. I never paid for extra DNS Queries.

In a old invoice related with olddomain .com despite indicating 239,649 DNS Queries, I actually had millions of visitors during that period. And now, on the new domain newdomain .com, with the same configuration, in a recent invoice, with just over 100,000 visits, I had over a million DNS Queries. This makes no sense at all. Something is different with this new domain configuration newdomain .com compared to the previous olddomain .com. I can’t understand what is happening. Also, according to cloudflare documentation, cloudflare should be caching DNS requests.

This way, if I have the same traffic again in this new domain, instead of an additional €0 per month as normal for several years as I had on the old invoice, I will pay over €1000,00 per month, which is unbearable for the type of sites I have. Something wrong and different is definitely happening with this new domain configuration.

Can somenone tell me what is possible different and what might be causing this huge difference in DNS Queries between these two domains? I no longer have all the old settings of old domain so I can`t compare the old and the new.

With detailed statistics by domains/subdomains and DNS requests from the old and new domain accounts, organized by hostanames, perhaps I would understand where the problem and discrepancy is. But cloudflare does not provide this information.

If anyone remembers anything that could be causing this. Please tell me.


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