DNS Queries are not being consistently answered (DNS Benchmark, ACT Fibernet)

I’m sorry if this is obvious but I’m a complete noob and I recently switched over to cloudflare using one of the guides available on the internet and after doing a DNS benchmark it gave me the error "DNS Queries are not being consistently answered. Upon looking at the conclusions it said

More than 20% of resolvers were unreliable?
Such a high percentage is suspicious: As you may have noticed, a relatively large number of the resolvers (14) benchmarked (more than one in every five) had apparent reliability problems. Since this is a suspiciously high number, it is more likely that the local network was busy and congested while the benchmark was running. Since this will produce unreliable timing results, you should probably attempt to re-run the benchmark at a time when the local network is quiet. Until then, you should consider these timing results to be invalid.

I also did the below test and got the following errors. I have noticed significant random packet drops while gaming and high fps too.

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