DNS qualification

Have been trying to transfer “verticalpanoramics.com” from Namecheap to here.Keep getting notices that I need to change the DNS settings to Cloudflare before anything can be done but I did that ages ago. No idea what to do.

I’d probably speak to Namecheap support as I’m seeing:

dns101.registrar-servers.com.   ['']   [TTL=172800]
dns102.registrar-servers.com.   ['']   [TTL=172800]

when I look up your domain. Issue is therefore that the changes you’re making in their dashboard aren’t being applied to your domain. This is all upstream of Cloudflare unfortunately. Good news is Namecheap support has always been pretty good when I’ve used it (albeit a while back). GL.

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thanks for your time - I will do that - I can’t understand how my computer sees differently from yours though.

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