DNS, PTR record

I have an issue with my domain name and DNS

Say my domain name is abcd.com and its IP address is When I type abcd.com, my site comes up and everything looks good.
But, when I type in the address bar, it takes me to the website, but it shows the ip address (and not Secure) instead of changing/replacing the IP to my domain name in the address bar and showing it secure.
I have an A record for my domain name and a CNAME.
Do I need to create another record in Cloudflare so when I type my domain ip address, it change the ip address to the domain name?

If you’re connecting to your server directly with the origin IP address, Cloudflare is completely out of the picture here. I suggest you visit serverfault.com for server configuration issues.

Thanks for the quick response.
My host server is on amazon Lightsail. Do I need to do something there so when I type my website’s ip address, it still resolves and redirects me to abcd.com with SSL enabled?

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