DNS proxy results into 5xx Connection timeout

One of my client’s site is timing out over Cloudflare with DNS proxy. Later we found it to be a bit lengthy operation on the server side and we increased the Apache TimeOut directive to 180. Now the site works fine without Cloudflare DNS proxy, but it still times out with Cloudflare DNS proxy!

From a layman’s angle, is there a way to let Cloudflare maintain the connection for a longer period?

Cloudflare has a 100 second time limit, it can be increased only on Enterprise plans.

On other plans, you’ll need to something else, such as…

  • not use the proxy
  • use a special subdomain for these requests and have that not proxied
  • if this is an internal script, have that script target the IP address in use directly
  • if this is an internal script, even though the connection times out, the script will have started and likely will complete - you’d need to have some way to poll or check the result of the script completing.
  • use the http request to start the script, then poll its status from the browser (which is what I do here)
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