Dns proxy reslove not working

i have a “a” thing and trying to get it to resolve but it wont, i have ddns set up on my server and it has the right ip but it doesnt proxy right or something

  1. What specific (sub-)domain are we talking about?

  2. Can you elaborate on what that a “a” thing refer to?

  3. Can you show how that “a” thing has been set up?

  4. Can you show how exactly you are testing it, and determining that it doesn’t work?

Does it actually work fine when testing from other, third party networks (e.g. your friend’s network), when using Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only?


sorry i meant the “a” type record im running a minecraft server on it im using a minecraft server tester to test it it doesnt work if i put dns only but it does work with a plain ip

actually it does work with dns i just had to give it a sec

It’s the play subdomain that you have issues with? Is the server configured to respond to the domain?

yes thats the one i believe it should idk how i would check, it does work with dns only but id like to proxy it since i dont want randos having my ip

The domain is responsive to ping (as is the IP.)

If it still doesn’t work I would look at the server configuration.

yea the server works fine with the ip and if i use the “dns only” which i have right now and put it into the server checker it does come up as it being an active server, idk if the ttl is messing with me or the proxy is set up weird

The proxy only supports HTTP and HTTPS traffic on specific ports.

There are paid plans that can protect Minecraft servers, but, depending on your budget and your traffic volume, they can get expensive rather quickly.

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so could i just use a different port for minecraft?

It’s more than the port. Minecraft is not HTTP or HTTPS traffic.

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oh, well that sucks well thanks for the help anyway!


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