DNS Proxy Removed

Hi, this is Debashish. I have seen many a time that Cloudflare has removed the proxy setting of my website. Maybe now, my website proxy setting is on because I just activated it. Please tell me the reason and how should I use a proxy setting on the website…?

Cloudflare won’t unproxy your entries, but a third party may if you granted access via the API. You may want to change your password and rotate your API keys.

You can also take a look at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/audit-log to find who unproxied that.

So, how do I rotate my website into API formate, would guide me??

Do you know for sure that this was unproxied by a third party?


I’m using Ezoic. is it unproxied my DNS proxy?

They are famous for tampering with settings. If you don’t want that, you should rotate your keys as mentioned.

Sir, I even need the ezoic and also need the Proxy DNS setting, so is it possible?

Then you may need to talk to them and discuss why they are doing that. But right now, they are probably unproxying and you would need to revoke that permission.

Yes, I even upload my query to the Ezoic Community but they didn’t reply to it. Let’s try once again…

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