DNS proxy propagation stale

Hi, I have some issues with DNS propagation taking too long (more than 2 days), I want to keep it proxied through Cloudflare but when hitting the page it points to the old hosting provider (Digital Ocean - by checking the logs for my app). If I remove proxy and set it DNS only, it works as expected, it redirects to my new hosting provider (Heroku) but I don’t want to point directly to it. What should I do in order to have the smoothest transition, as I want to remove the old hosting provider and move totally to the new one.

Update: I removed a sub-domain linked in Digital Ocean just to experiment and now Cloudflare proxies as intended for the sub-domain only (to the new hosting provider). Is that a caching problem, because I use a different domain register that points to Cloudflare explicitly?

I solved it by switching from Proxy to DNS only in Cloudflare, so everything points directly to my new host provider while I would unlink all the domain references in Digital Ocean. After 2-3 min, I’ve switched to Proxy everything over Cloudflare, thus everything went seamless without any downtime.

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