DNS proxy points to old host over new Host


I tried to change my wordpress hosting from kinsta to cloudways to compare and contrast their performances.

I changed DNS to new IP. All good. But the traffic still goes to old host. DNS does not resolve to new host. It seems cloudflare still sends traffic to my old hosting service.

When i turn DNS from proxy mode to DNS only mode, i can see the new IP from and am able to access new host. When i turn cloudflare service OFF, i can resolve to new hosting service.

But if I want to use cloudflare CDN services, it still goes to old hosting service. I purged cache many times, it does not help at all.

What do I do?

many thx


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That sure sounds like Kinsta didn’t purge your domain from their Cloudflare partner setup. Contact Kinsta and ask them to disconnect your domain from Cloudflare.


let me ask them. thanks

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