DNS Proxy on custom ports?

I can’t use the proxy feature for any of my servers because it only works on a handful of ports, and it seems like the only way to get around this is to pay an exorbitant amount on Spectrum. Is there something I’m missing? Google Domains did this for free, I switched to Cloudflare because they were shutting down. Should I look for some other service like Squarespace that might do what I need for no additional cost?

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The Cloudflare proxy is for web traffic. It doesn’t proxy other protocols.

I don’t recommend Spectrum because it is absurdly expensive. The usual setup is to have your web server(s) proxied through Cloudflare, and hostnames for other protocols set for :grey: unproxied or DNS Only.

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Assuming this is for HTTP, you can only connect to Cloudflare on limited ports, but you can set the Cloudflare proxy to connect to your origin on any port.

So you can have say port1234.example.com connect to 80/443 on Cloudflare, then port 1234 on your origin.

For non-HTTP TCP/UDP traffic, then yes, Spectrum is the answer (and I pay that exorbitant amount for it).

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I think this was it, but I’m not sure if it’s exactly what I need. Say that I need two ports, N and N+1. If I make an origin rule that “rewrites” a subdomain to port N, then there wont be any access to port N+1, correct?

Yes, but origin rules will let you configure how to select what port. Most commonly by hostname but you can do it by source IP, country, path, etc…

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Google domains did not proxy your traffic. You can achieve identical results with Cloudflare by using :grey: DNS Only.

It most certainly had lookup protection.

The problem I am having is that there isn’t anything to distinguish between them afaik. Before, I just had it set to : and this worked fine. Origin rules seems to only allow one port per incoming request.

If you have services on two different and non-standard ports, and the traffic is HTTP, and you want to use the proxy, you can use two different hostnames.


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