DNS Proxy Not Working

Hey all, I’ve been using Cloudflare for DNS/Proxy for a long time and this one has me stumped. I have a domain (getglion.com) that is correctly pointed at my CF name servers. Proxy has been turned off, but we have been using CF’s name servers for DNS for a long, long time.

We turned the proxy on for both the a rec and the www cname several hours ago, but are still seeing the 170.XXX ip address of our web server. We cleared caches, checked local host files, etc. We’ve also used dnschecker to confirm that the name servers are correct and also used it to check the a and www records from various remote ips all over the globe … they still show the origin IP, not the proxied IP.

Also, I have queried both of our CF name servers (kim and merlin) and they are both returning the origin IP. We haven’t made any other changes and DNSSEC is not enabled. Any ideas?

You don’t happen to have Cloudflare Paused, do you? You’d see that from the Overview page in your dashboard.


OK, I’m a dork. Thanks … we always use developer mode and never use pause so I’m not sure how that even got selected!

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