DNS Proxy Not Hiding Origin IP

Proxy is still displaying origin IP. I have configured the DNS for my site in Cloudflare and turned on the orange cloud proxy, however, when I lookup the domain info I am seeing the origin IP (my hosted server) instead of a Cloudflare IP address like I would expect. I updated the name servers for this subdomain in GoDaddy to use Cloudflare’s name servers and no other A, AAAA, or CNAME record exists anywhere except Cloudflare. Can you please help me understand why the proxy is not working?

The zone is still pending because the nameservers have not been updated.

Are you saying that I need to wait?

Cloudflare won’t proxy traffic for a zone until the zone is active on Cloudflare.

No, that the nameservers need to be updated at your registrar because Cloudflare services will become active.

I have multiple nameservers configured at my registrar. The cloudflare nameservers are configured only for a single subdomain in this registrar (godaddy). That won’t be an issue right?

Signing up only a subdomain is a enterprise only feature. A CNAME setup is also an option on a business plan which doesn’t require changing nameservers.

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