DNS Proxy keeps getting reset

I’ve got two domains set up in Cloudflare. I have two subdomains(A names) that I set up that are NOT proxied. Every month or so, it resets back to being proxied and I lose my direct connection. How do I keep the proxy setting from getting reset?

Are you using Ezoic?

You can also check the Audit Log from dash.cloudflare.com.



I am not using any other tools. CF is my registrar and I have no other services hooked up to it other than dynamic DNS. The only other notifications in the audit log are from CF. I’m wondering if it is the dynamic DNS somehow resetting the proxy setting.

Whatever it is should show up in the audit log.

When A (or other) records are updated via the api, there is a “proxied” parameter, which is optional. In my experience, if this is omitted, then it defaults to false.

I suspect this is what is happening with your dynamic dns client application.

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Ah, good catch. If they have some sort of DDNS script calling the API, that would certainly explain it.

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