DNS proxy keep using outdated setting

Im lost after trying everything i can imagine, im left help less.

I have a domain “ff24payments.com” which is setup on Cloudflare since the beginning.
We had the subdomain “www.ff24payments.com” pointing to service ClickFunnel via CNAME until last week.
Past week we switched now to our own website hosted on different service.
Root has a A Record (Proxy enabled) and we configured subdomain “www” to be CNAME of that root (proxy:on).

However, subdomain www.ff24payments.com keeps serving the site from Clickfunnel despite clearing all caches, enabled developer mode, changing DNS back and forth.
As soon we enable CNAME www.ff24payments.com => @root with active proxy, Cloudflare routes traffic to Clickfunnel. On clickfunnel we properly deleted the domain and it serves the default clickfunnel website now.

We suspect an technical issue within Cloudflare, wild guess, that something is still active from clickfunnel deep inside Cloudflare and overrules any setting we have on our Cloudflare account.
We even have active Cloudflare rule, which shall redirect any traffic from www.ff24payments.com to “ff24payments.com”.

Please help, as this is now going on since 6 days without any luck.

Hi @JensR,

It looks like Clickfunnels did not properly clean up their setup after you stopped using them. Please contact them and ask them to remove any Cloudflare configurations for your domain, specifically SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostnames, as they should have done when you offboarded from their service.

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Thx, i have contacted them as well, and will wait for their response.
I do already suspect something similar. However, if that is true it brings up a concerning issue about DNSSEC security. A Cloudflare account with domain owner should always override/overrule any other CF partners settings regardless of intended or by error. :frowning:

I’m afraid that’s not how SaaS setups work with Cloudflare. Once you verify the domain with a SaaS provider, they control the Cloudflare setup. They are supposed to remove that configuration if you stop using them but unfortunately some providers don’t. Cloudflare are aware and working on this issue to give customers more control over this if their old provider does not follow the correct offboarding processes.

Your frustration with this is something I share and I’m really hoping to see some movement in this area soon.

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Just to clarify, the domain DNS and nameserver was never managed by ClickFunnel, always with Cloudflare in my own account.
Only thing ClickFunnel had setup before, was an “external Domain”. But i remember i had enabled the “Its a Cloudflare Domain”.

I even deleted the domain there and readded 2 days later, today i deleted the domain the 3rd time on clickfunnel site. Seems to be a persistent issue then, and not just a hickup… Lets hope its as simple as clickfunnel to clear their offboarding setup.

When you’re using Cloudflare as well as your SaaS provider using it, the majority of your Cloudflare configuration will not take effect and Clickfunnels setup will override yours. This is due to hostname priority.

This currently remains after you stop using them unless they remove your domain from their Cloudflare setup.

Yes, unfortunately we do see this issue pretty frequently here with Clickfunnels especially when people then leave and they do not remove the custom hostname configuration.

Hopefully their support can pass this on to the right people to get this resolved quickly for you.

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