DNS Proxy Issues after moving to Cloudflare

I moved my application to Cloudflare and everything seems to be working fine.
The website is still working.
I also enabled DNS proxy for the A and CNAME records (I don’t have any AAAA records)
However when I check my API requests from the client, the IPs are not cloudflares’.

There’s nothing that indicates that cloudflare is proxying traffic to the DNS I enabled for proxy.
On the flip side, I set some MX records for sendgrid in my DNS that have stopped working. Disabling all the Cloudflare proxy seems to get this working normally again.

Can you help?

Is the DNS record proxied, not set to “DNS only”?

Is your server/host set up to restore visitor IPs already (or have a plugin that does it)?

You can check if the server response contains the header server: cloudflare to see if the request passed through Cloudflare.

MX records are always “DNS only”, but make sure any host names they point to are set to “DNS only”. Also make sure any mail related DNS records (such as mail, smtp, imap, etc) are also “DNS only”.

If still stuck, can you give the domain and the API subdomain, if any.

Okay, I missed enabling Proxy on one of the A records.
Now I can see that the server: cloudflare in the response header.

The problem now is that my site is down and nothing works anymore - ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
The domain is https://joinsayless.com

My stack includes - MERN app, hosted on AWS EC2, Nginx & Letsencrypt

Check your SSL/TLS setting is set to “Full (strict)” here…


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