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Hi there, I’d like to know if DNS proxy on IP (A record) will block off ANY party from seeing the true IP?

LIke is it possible for any party able to see the true IP besides the cloudflare team, and my account administrators and hosting?

Can any big institutions see the true ip

Cloudflare makes many public statements like this:

Cloudflare does not sell, rent, or share personal information we process on behalf of our customers

If you believe the statements, then your Origin IP will not be revealed.

There are plenty of ways that people leak their Origin IP address that Cloudflare cannot prevent, such as exposing the Origin IP in :grey: hostnames. Are you worried about people attacking your origin IP, or is law enforcement one of the groups that you are looking to hide from?

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No-one will be able to see it through the proxy, but your IP address can easily “leak” many ways…

  • if you have a mail server on the same IP address, the mail server IP address cannot be proxied so will be have to be exposed
  • if your server makes outgoing connections (HTTP, mail (such as website contact forms), or any other), then the real IP address will be apparent to the services you connect to
  • if you pause Cloudflare or unproxy the record
  • if your IP address was previously publicly serving your website, it will be known already
  • if your firewall allows traffic not from Cloudflare, it can be discovered

and so on.


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